About Who3D

A quick introduction telling who we are and what we're about is probably in order – so here it goes.

Who3D was started in the late 1990's as a way of recreating lost episodes of Doctor Who. Originally we started out under the leadership of Cliff Bowman. Over the years the group was involved in many productions and created numerous elements for various events and various video productions.

With Cliff's health taking its toll and not allowing him the time to look after the group I took over with his blessings in 2005. Taking years and failing at the reconstructing of a single episode of the 10th planet had become synonymous with the group. I therefore decided this was beyond the groups goals and peoples ability for long term commitment at that time.

Therefore my mandate was not to have the groups sole purpose be reconstructing episodes and whole stories. Instead I wanted a place where people from various backgrounds could congregate to share their knowledge and love of animation (3D and 2D) as well of Doctor Who. For the past many years we've been a close knit group and many lasting friendships have formed.

There are various members who have been working non-stop on recreating their own versions of lost episodes and stories. While these productions are not the main goals of the current site we give them the full support of all that is currently available to Who3D. As well as that there are other members who have worked on or are currently working on official Doctor Who related projects.

So feel free to look around, join in the forums and enjoy the company of people with similar love and passion for Doctor Who and the many different types of animation in the world. Feel free to ask any questions and leave feedback.

Rob S.