World Enough And Time – Publicity Pictures

The BBC have released a number of new publicity images to promote this week's episode of Doctor Who, World Enough And Time
World Enough And Time

Writer: Steven Moffat
Director: Rachel Talalay

Friendship drives the Doctor into the rashest decision of his life. Trapped on a giant spaceship, caught in the event horizon of a black hole, he witnesses the death of someone he is pledged to protect. Is there any way he can redeem his mistake? Are events already out of control? For once, time is the Time Lord’s enemy…
: Missy (Michelle Gomez), The Master (John Simm), The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Simon Ridgway/Ray Burmiston)): Nardole (Matt Lucas) (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Jon Hall)): Missy (Michelle Gomez) (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Jon Hall)): Missy (Michelle Gomez), Nardole (Matt Lucas), Bill (Pearl Mackie) (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Jon Hall)): Bill (Pearl Mackie), Missy (Michelle Gomez), Nardole (Matt Lucas) (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Jon Hall)): Bill (Pearl Mackie) (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Jon Hall)): Jorj (Oliver Lansley) (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Jon Hall)): Mondasian Cyberman, The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Simon Ridgway)): Nardole (Matt Lucas), The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Simon Ridgway)): The Doctor (Peter Capaldi), Mondasian Cyberman (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Simon Ridgway)): Mondasian Cyberman, The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Simon Ridgway)): Mondasian Cybermen (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Simon Ridgway)): Mondasian Cybermen (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Simon Ridgway)): Mondasian Cybermen (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Simon Ridgway)): Cybermen (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Simon Ridgway)): Cybermen (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Simon Ridgway)): Mondasian Cybermen, Children (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Simon Ridgway)): Jorj (Oliver Lansley), The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Simon Ridgway)): Nardole (Matt Lucas), The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Simon Ridgway)): The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Simon Ridgway)): Surgeon (Paul Brightwell) (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Simon Ridgway)): Surgeon (Paul Brightwell) (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Simon Ridgway)): Nurse (Alison Lintott) (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Simon Ridgway)): Nurse (Alison Lintott) (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Simon Ridgway)): Nurse (Alison Lintott) (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Simon Ridgway)): Cyberman (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Simon Ridgway)): Cyberman (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Simon Ridgway)): Cyberman (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Simon Ridgway)): Cyberman (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Simon Ridgway)): Cyberman (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Simon Ridgway)): Cyberman (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Simon Ridgway)): Cyberman (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Simon Ridgway)): Mondasian Cyberman (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Simon Ridgway)): Mondasian Cyberman (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Simon Ridgway)): Mondasian Cyberman (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Simon Ridgway)): Mondasian Cyberman (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Simon Ridgway)): Surgeon (Paul Brightwell) (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Simon Ridgway)): Nurse (Alison Lintott) (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Simon Ridgway)): Cyberman (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Simon Ridgway)): Missy (Michelle Gomez) (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Simon Ridgway)): The Master (John Simm) (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Simon Ridgway))

This week BBC One will show Doctor Who at 6.45pm.

Main Broadcast Details
United KingdomBBC OneSat 24 Jun 20176:45pm BST
Middle EastBBC FirstSat 24 Jun 20179.20pm AST(Sat 7:20pm BST)
United States of AmericaBBC AmericaSat 24 Jun 20179:00pm EDT(Sun 2:00am BST)
CanadaSPACESat 24 Jun 20179:00pm EDT(Sun 2:00am BST)
New ZealandPRIMESun 25 Jun 20177:30pm NZST(Sun 8:30am BST)
FinlandYLE2Sun 25 Jun 201711.25pm EEST(Sun 9:55am BST)
AustraliaABCSun 25 Jun 20177:40pm AEST(Sun 10:40am BST, also on ABC ME)
BrazilSyFySun 25 Jun 20178:00pm BRT(Mon 12:00qm BST)
Latin AmericaSyFySun 25 Jun 201710:00pm CDT(Mon 4:00am BST)

Full listings here

Brian Cant 1933-2017

Actor and Children's presenter Brian Cant has died at the age of 83.

Brian Cant appeared in two Doctor Who stories. In 1965 he played Kert Gantry, a Space Security Agent, in the first episode of The Dalek's Master Plan. He returned to the series in 1968 playing Chairman Tensa in two episodes of The Dominators

However for most people in the United Kingdom Brian Cant will be lovingly remembered for his work on children's television.

He was working for a BBC Schools drama on The Romans in 1964 when he heard that the BBC was holding auditions for presenters on a new programme aimed at pre-school kids, Play School, due to launch on the new station BBC Two. His audition involved getting into a cardboard box and pretending to row out to sea. He joined the in its third week and stayed for twenty-one years.

His work on Play School led him to be selected as the voice on three Gordon Murray puppet series: Camberwick Green in 1966, Trumpton in 1967, and Chigley in 1969.

In 1971 the BBC launched a spin-off from Play School, Play Away, aimed at older children, featuring songs and jokes and airing on Saturday afternoons, with Cant as the main presenter alongside actors such as Toni Arthur, Derek Griffiths, Floella Benjamin, Johnny Ball, Carol Chell, Jeremy Irons, and Tony Robinson.

In 2007 Cant topped a poll of presenters with the best-loved voices in children’s TV.

The actor had been living with Parkinson’s disease in recent years and died at Denville Hall, a retirement home often used by those in the entertainment industry.

A family statement said:
It is with great sadness that we, his family, have to announce that Brian Cant has died aged 83 at Denville Hall. He lived courageously with Parkinson’s disease for a long time. Brian was best known and well loved for his children’s programmes Play School and Play Away and was honoured by Bafta in 2010. Donations would be most appreciated to Denville Hall and the Actors’ Benevolent Fund.
Cant's Play School co-presenter Derek Griffiths paid tribute on Twitter, posting a reunion picture of the team. And former Blackadder star Sir Tony Robinson also tweeted: "Brian Cant was my mentor and friend on Play Away. We wrote and performed together for two years. Always patient, courteous and funny P-L-A-Y R-I-P."

Brian Cant was married twice, and had five children, three by his second marriage to Cherry Britton.

Doctor Who Adventures to Pause Publication

Panni has confirmed that Doctor Who Adventures is to stop publication after the next edition released on 22 June 2017.

Subscribers to the magazine have received an email saying the Magazine is 'pausing' publication, with no indication as to when, or if, publication will resume.

Digital subscriptions will be converted to subscriptions for Doctor Who Magazine or can be canceled.

DWA began life as a fortnightly magazine in 2006, during the first wave of popular success for the revived Doctor Who, and was initially published by BBC Worldwide, the Corporation's own commercial subsidiary. In 2015 the Magazine moved to Panni, the publishers of Doctor Who Magazine.

In recent years Doctor Who Adventures has suffered a fall in circulation. From a high of 56,000 in 2010, the Magazine circulation had fallen to 10,364 in the last audited period, covering the second half of 2016.

By contrast, Doctor Who Magazine had an audited circulation of 22,523 in the same period.

The Eaters of Light – Reaction

The Eaters of Light: The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Simon Ridgway))Press reaction to this week's Doctor Who, The Eaters of Light, is mixed, with most reviews calling it a solid, if flawed, episode.

Radio Times enjoyed the story calling the script beautifully written. "What’s often rewarding about Doctor Who is that – beyond rewrites, budget constraints, casting and performance – it allows an authorial voice to sing through. It happened for Munro in 1989’s Survival and does so again in The Eaters of Light. It’s a beautifully written script that feels at one with half-remembered Celtic myths."

Digital Spy agreed the story had a both a strong sense of place and a formidable grasp on character. "Some fantastic location work – many evocative shots of a moody, misty Scotland – helps bring Munro's script to life as she milks the 2nd-century setting for its worth. She finds both humour and pathos in the past, such as the Doctor's using a totally anachronistic bag of popcorn to frighten the natives, followed by Bill's horror at the shockingly low age of soldiers on the battlefront."

The Telegraph also appreciated the Direction. "Director Charles Palmer made full use of the sweeping Highland landscape, while the script had fun with the Scots theme, with references to the permanently damp weather and a fatal absence of sunlight being “death by Scotland”. By the end of the episode, Capaldi even wanted to stay."

The Mirror felt the story was safe filler material with some niggles. "The Light Eaters are visually glorious and using them sparingly helps build the tension for their screen appearances. This series of Doctor Who continues its tightrope act of exactly how gory can corpses get before the watershed and this is pretty gruesome. The bodies of the fallen soldiers and villagers are truly unpleasant, but more than enough to punctuate the danger for anyone who crosses the Eaters' path."

AV Club praised the script written by veteran Doctor Who writer Rona Munro "She skillfully mixes the political and the personal here: The Roman army is a weapon premised solely on overwhelming force, one that relies on taking hundreds of scared teenagers and siccing them on a bunch of peaceful farmers who are in the way. The empire is terrible and vast, but only in aggregate, and that reality makes the cowardice of the surviving soldiers all but inevitable."

Ars Technica felt the story was a good introduction to the series "There's a portal that has trapped a hungry beast between dimensions; the Doctor jigs his way through problem-solving while reminding Nardole and the audience that he's an old hand at this kind of thing and a classic Who story device features, sidekick Bill is separated from her time-travelling pals for much of the episode—leaving her to untangle yet more of the Time Lord's powers, such as the telepathic link from the TARDIS that auto-translates any language to English."

However Games Radar felt the threat in the story was confusing "Unfortunately the monsters are pretty badly explained; we know they eat light, but somehow being exposed to light in great amounts is their greatest weakness. They serve no other purpose than to be the baddies of the episode, and are (as usual) billed as a threat to the entire universe. No nuance, just lots of teeth and Medusa-y tentacles"

Den of Geek also felt the episode was missing something. "What The Eaters Of Light lacked for me was a sense of threat, a strong monster or force to push against. The creature we got was an impressive looking beast for the most part, the one who keeps popping through a portal when able and allowed to wreak havoc. But whereas there are moments in this run of Who that have really dug under the skin and been quite creepy, this time it felt like we got a decent enough creature, yet the sense of peril didn’t come across for me."

IGN praised the supporting cast "The supporting players of Romans and Scots are all pretty good and an improvement over many of the guest stars from earlier this year. Bill’s interplay with Lucius (Brian Vernel, who Star Wars fans might recognize from The Force Awakens) regarding his romantic intentions is pretty funny, and the pain of the girl Kar (Rebecca Benson), who has lost everything, rings true."

The Reel Bits felt the episode was old school Doctor Who "The Eaters of Light’ is a solid if not outstanding historical adventure. Spinning its wheels slightly, it’s reminiscent of the show’s original ethos of being an educational outing for kids. Indeed, if the special effects and outfits hadn’t been updated, a episode that primarily hangs around in a handful of locations with Roman soldiers in stock BBC costumes would fit right in with the original series."

Finally TV Fanatic felt it was a solid episode. "There was plenty to enjoy here, from Nardole "blending in" with the natives to the Doctor's speech about crows being in a huff to Bill's realization about the TARDIS's translation feature. Though once the Doctor volunteered to guard the gate, every likely viewer knew that someone else would stand up and do the job in his stead. Seriously, there are two more episodes left in this season after this one!"

The Eaters of Light – Overnight Viewing Figures

The Eaters of Light: Kar (Rebecca Benson) (Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide (Simon Ridgway))Doctor Who - The Eaters of Light, had an audience of 2.89 million viewers, a share of 22% of the total TV audience, according to unofficial overnight figures.

The overnight rating is the lowest the series has received in its history, just below that received by The Lie of the Land, which was up against the Britain's Got Talent final.

Doctor Who faired relatively well compared to other programmes on Saturday with all suffering from the good weather across the UK on Saturday with the highest rated programme, BBC News, getting just 4.09 million watching. Casualty had 3.75 million while Mrs Brown's Boys had 3.40 million. Pitch Battle, which followed Doctor Who had just 2.03 million watching.

ITV peaked with just 3.11 million viewers for The Voice Kids, while the film Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason had just 1.60 million viewers.

Final figures which will include those who recorded the programme and watched it later, will be published next week.

New Doctor Who Finale Image

Missy (MICHELLE GOMEZ), The Master (JOHN SIMM), The Doctor (PETER CAPALDI)  (Credit: BBC Simon Ridgway/Ray Burmiston)

The BBC has released a new image for the Doctor Who series 10 finale, which sees Missy (Michelle Gomez) and the Master (John Simm) together for the first time.

The pair are seen either side of the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) as they put their own chilling spin on the poster image that previously accompanied Doctor Who’s 50th-anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor.

Simm will return to Doctor Who as the Master for the first time since New Year’s Day 2010, when he was responsible for the regeneration of the Tenth Doctor. This time the Master will come face-to-face with Missy, his later regeneration, and battle the Doctor during the series’ two part finale which begins next weekend.

The episodes will also feature the return of the Cybermen - including the original Mondasian Cybermen, for the first time in over 50 years - plus Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie) and Nardole (Matt Lucas) in an adventure that promises to change Doctor Who forever.

Doctor Who’s series finale begins in the UK with episode 11, World Enough and Time, at 6:45pm on Saturday 24 June on BBC One, followed by broadcasts around the world. It concludes on Saturday 1 July with Episode 12, The Doctor Falls – an extended, 60-minute episode.

The Eaters of Light – Introduction

This week BBC One will show Doctor Who at the earlier time of 6.45pm.

Main Broadcast Details
United KingdomBBC OneSat 17 Jun 20176:45pm BST
Middle EastBBC FirstSat 17 Jun 20179.20pm AST(Sat 7:20pm BST)
United States of AmericaBBC AmericaSat 17 Jun 20179:00pm EDT(Sun 2:00am BST)
CanadaSPACESat 17 Jun 20179:00pm EDT(Sun 2:00am BST)
New ZealandPRIMESun 18 Jun 20177:30pm NZST(Sun 8:30am BST)
FinlandYLE2Sun 18 Jun 201712:05pm EEST(Sun 10:05am BST)
AustraliaABCSun 18 Jun 20177:40pm AEST(Sun 10:40am BST, also on ABC ME)
BrazilSyFySun 18 Jun 20178:00pm BRT(Mon 12:00qm BST)
Latin AmericaSyFySun 18 Jun 201710:00pm CDT(Mon 4:00am BST)

Full listings here

Doctor Who Actors Honoured by Queen

Several Doctor Who alumni have been mentioned in the Queen's Birthday Honours list.

Veteran actress and comedienne June Whitfield has been made a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

June Whitfield played Minnie Hooper, active member of the Sliver Cloak, in the 2010 Doctor Who story The End of Time.

She is one of the UK's best loved actresses having first come to the attention of the public in the 1950's in a succession of Radio comedys. In 1968, June Whitfield and Terry Scott began their long television partnership which peaked with roles as husband and wife in Happy Ever After followed by Terry and June . Since 1992, Whitfield has appeared in Jennifer Saunders's sitcom Absolutely Fabulous playing Edina Monsoon's mother. In recent years she has played a regular character in Last of the Summer Wine as well as a recurring character in The Green Green Grass.

The actress Sarah Lancashire has been made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire or OBE.

Sarah Lancashire appeared in the 2008 story Partners in Crime where she played Miss Foster,, employed by the Adiposian First Family to breed a new generation after their breeding planet was lost.

Lancashire first came to public attention appearing in the long running soap Coronation Street. Other roles include parts in costume dramas such as Oliver Twist, Lark Rise to Candleford and the BBC1 crime thriller Happy Valley, for which she recieved the 2017 British Academy Television Award for Best Actress.

Actor David Walliams has been made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire.

David Walliams played Gibbis in the 2011 story The God Complex.

Walliams is best known for his partnership with Matt Lucas on the BBC One sketch show Little Britain. Since 2012 he has been a judge on the ITV talent show Britain's Got Talent. Walliams is also a writer of children's books. To date he has sold more than 12.5 million copies and his books have been translated into 46 languages.

Walliams, who has raised a considerable ammount of money fnor Sport's Relief, recieved the award for services to charity and the Arts.

Actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw has been made a Member of the Order of the British Empire or MBE.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw plated Tish Jones, sister of Martha, in Series Three of Doctor Who.

Mbatha-Raw played a supporting role in the Tom Hanks comedy Larry Crowne, and had starring roles on the short-lived television series Undercovers and Touch. She appeared in the British period drama Belle and the romantic drama Beyond the Lights.

In 2015 she played the title role in Jessica Swale's play Nell Gwynn, winning a nomination for an Evening Standard Theatre Award for Best Actress.
The awards are presented by HM Queen Elizabeth on the recomendation of the British Prime Minister Theresa May.

Derek Jacobi returns as the Master for Big Finish

The War Master (Credit: Big Finish)Sir Derek Jacobi will be reprising his role as the Master in new set of Audio Doctor Who adventures from Big Finish Productions.

The esteemed actor first appeared in Doctor Who ten years ago today when he brought back to life the character of The Master in the Doctor Who episode, Utopia. Sir Derek is now returning to the character in four brand new adventures, made by arrangement with BBC Worldwide, to be released in December.

Producer and Director Scott Handcock talked about the return
His incarnation is very much the ‘Hannibal Lecter’ of Time Lords – intelligent, charming, but thoroughly ruthless – we had a lot of fun in studio bringing the War Master back to life. It’s been a gift of a project, and we can’t wait for listeners to hear it!
Sir Derek said he was delighted to be playing the role once more
I didn’t expect to come back to it all these years later, but I was thrilled to be remembered. The plots in all these episodes have been very good indeed, very interesting, very dramatic, and beautifully written. The whole process has been a delight!
Doctor Who: The War Master Volume One follows the exploits of the Doctor’s arch-enemy during the course of the devastating Time War, featuring stories from acclaimed Doctor Who writers James Goss, Guy Adams and Nicholas Briggs – as well as new writing talent from Janine H Jones.

Guy Adams, who has written the final part of the story said
Once I got over the idea that giving my words to Sir Derek was rather like filling the Holy Grail with Special Brew, I allowed myself a brief cry of joy! Writing for villains is always a pleasure because a writer is roughly ninety percent more ‘stares at cat and awaits inspiration’ than ‘boils planet alive for fun’.
While Big Finish Executive Producer Nicholas Briggs added
I was lucky enough to have directed Sir Derek fourteen years ago in Deadline, so I was delighted to be able to work with him once again. The thrill for me has been just how fascinating and exhilarating it is to write a series when the leading character is a bad guy. Writing my own script and working on the others with Scott has been such a rewarding challenge. I’m really keen to do it again, and further explore exactly what the Master did get up to in the Time War.
James Goss has written part three of the series
What was exciting about this was that normally the Master loses. He puts in the hours, he works through all these elaborate plans and yet it all goes wrong. It’s not fair! It’s brilliant that Big Finish have finally awarded him for all that hard work. And, even better, it’s the most intriguing, exciting barely-glimpsed actor to have ever played the Master. What did Sir Derek do in the Time War? It’s thrilling to have helped find out.
The four stories announced are
  • 1. Beneath the Viscoid by Nicholas Briggs
  • On the ocean planet Gardezza, deep beneath the Viscoid, a mysterious capsule is recovered from the Time War, and an equally mysterious stranger found within. The Doctor’s reputation precedes him, even here… but can he be trusted?
  • 2. The Good Master by Janine H Jones
  • The Time War rages around Arcking - a planet serving as a sanctuary for the sick and injured. But Arcking is protected by a mysterious, powerful force: a force the Master will stop at nothing to harness… even if time itself is against him.
  • 3. The Sky Man by James Goss
  • When his new companion decides to save a planet, the Master indulges this most futile of requests. Materialising on a primitive, agrarian world, both the strangers quickly find their place in it… until fallout from the War invades their happy paradise.
  • 4. The Heavenly Paradigm by Guy Adams
  • With his plans approaching fruition, the Master travels to Stamford Bridge in the 1970s: a location he believes might hold the key to his success. But what terrible secret lurks under the stairs of No. 24 Marigold Lane? And what sacrifices will the Master make in the name of ultimate victory?

The War Master Volume One is available for pre-order from on CD (box set) £23 and download £20. It is also available for pre-order in a bundle with upcoming releases Gallifrey: Time War and Tales of New Earth on CDs £63 and download £54.

Full details on the Big Finish website.

Scott Handcock, Derek Jacobi, Nicholas Briggs (Credit: Big Finish) Sir Derek Jacobi (Credit: Big Finish)