Entry way

So I’ve decided to use the blog portion of this website for more ‘small but timely’ updates. To show the small things I am working on. Mostly Doctor Who related renderings. But I might squeak in other content if I consider it cool enough.

Anyways my console room re-design is never finished! I am always playing around with it. If I find something that I like I try to include it somewhere. Today I re-did the main doorway. I’ve included the glowing outline for the police box doors as they first showed up in season 9. I still include the metal frame of the earlier doorways because why not.

The change I am on the fence with is the inclusion of the Gallifreyan writing on the sides of the main doors. I am sure that they’ll grow on me over time.



Hi there! My name is Rob Semenoff. I live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. this website is mainly for me to post my 3D renders of images that relate to the BBC television program known as Doctor Who. I've been doing 3D work since 1987 when I first got my Amiga 2000. Since then I've done it professionally for a few local film companies. I've been hired on and off again to supply work for various Doctor Who related products like magazines, posters, album covers and of course the Classic Series DVDs released by 2|entertain in the UK.