Back in 2002 I created a TARDIS interior that proved to be pretty popular. Since then I’ve been playing, adding, changing, adding, changing, adding. It’s become an ongoing obsession when I have some time to kill. This is my update.

I was bored and started working on how the console would actually go together. Basically each of the 6 sides slides onto rails until they lock into position. Kind of like the rails that server racks use. Also this image is for a 4k monitor. So it's rather large.
I continue to play with the layout of this design (don't think I'll ever be finished). I've added in a few items from the Series 9 console room. I've written a blog entry with a breakdown on the rendering and post process I use when creating images. You can read it HERE.
In 2012 I won the 'Design Your Own Sonic-Screwdriver' on the Replica Prop Forum with this design. I designed it to have a drill like look to the top end with the 4 prog 'chuck' holding the emitter. The blue center I got from looking at modern medical devices. They sure seem to love light blue. The bottom sonic-lance I went with a steampunk feel. It's also a heatsink. This sonic has 8 different colors chosen by twisting the diamond-grip part near the top.
I was playing around with lighting. I rather like this look.
A few of the 'under the console' area. I tried to make it look hot and smokey.. Or maybe steamy..
Finally a view of the updated console room. Forgive the strange skewed image. I used a wide angle lens which does that. The glass floor is actually a 6 sided hexagon.
Another lab render. This one is showing the side to your left as you enter from the console room. The giant device is an 'industrial' um... replicator 'like' device. Then in the corner is the time-space navigator.
A test render of the main lab 'console/desk/work area'. The white corner sections allow for various tools & equipment to be locked into place. It also has power running through some of the plugs. Each of the six sides is dedicated to a particular area of interest. Sop far there's an electronics side, chemistry, biology, geology.... Kind of stuck after that. The central area is a holographic projection system.
Here is the library looking towards the console room (through the sliding double doors)
So here is the new library. I don't know about you but I totally want to live here.
Short webm video clip of the chameleon circuit board popping out.
Much more interesting seating area. Much to look at... and Jelly Babies!!
Close up of the knob that controls the overhead holographic projection system. Like in the 1996 movie. Actually that's much cooler than opening the doors.. Lazy
Test render of the Engineering Panel. You can see the Chameleon Circuit Keyboards out. Too bad it doesn't actually work.
Lights off!!
Lights on!!
Sticking in objects on the shelves and counter tops. I'd imagine the Doctor is quite messy and disorganized. You can see stuff in the 'far' workshop across the hallway. This is where all the big machinery is kept.
Found it...
From the other side
the part under the consoles metal grill floor. Lets see who can find the Doctors Recorder. It's like where's Waldo?
Some one asked about the scanner screen? Here is what I am thinking... round like the Smith monitor, dropping from the ceiling in front of the fault locator room like the Hartnel, and taking a bit (not much) from the Time-Space Visualizer from The Chase/Space Museum.