Classic Series

I don't know how many of you actually remember pi? But remembering this scene from the 5 Doctors is how I remember. To the point where I actually hear the actors voice in my head when I repeat it out loud.
I have been rebuilding some of the items from the original console room. Ok one of these things doesn't belong here. Can you guess which one?
I'd love to read this... and would probably be disappointed. That's why it's never been shown on screen.
Part of the Studio set for The UnEarthly Child.
What Ian and Barbara saw... in 3D!!
Part of Gabriel Chases house from Seeds of DOOOOOOM!!
Part of the base from the Seeds of Doom
The bridge from The Robots of Death. Sadly I lost the render of the lounge from this story. I loved that shot.
I could go for a recharge myself right about now!!
Background for interview clip. I think it needed to be frosted up. Also that REALLY looks like cheap tinfoil. Mission accomplished!!
Love the lighting!
Watch where you step. Everything is designed to kill you!!
Just a quick test render of some props I've been working on. Can you name what episodes they are from? Well besides the screw driver that is! DERP
I know what it says!.. but what does it mean?? No, really, what does it mean?!?!
Hallway for the 5 Doctors DVD. I did many variations of hallways. But as they say 'You've seen one hallway in the Tomb of Rassilon, You've seen them all!!'
Another colourful hallway. If you look at the reflection on the left wall you can see the 'set' just ends. Standard Classic Doctor Who set construction was used here.
Yes, it is very blue and pink isn't it? Daleks may not know elegant design but they know funky lighting!!
Another hallway for Davros Connections. The green light worked great when some of the green screen reflected off the head of the person being interviewed
Hallway created for the Davros Connections Documentary. The lighting was created to match the person being interviewed.
Model of the Sea Base. I made this for the opening of the documentary 'The Depths: Making Warriors of the Deep'. Sadly you could only see it for less than 1 second. So here it is so you can see it!
Another recreated set for Warriors of the Deep. I love the ripples on the water for some reason
The Reactor Room again, but looking the other way this time.
Yes, another console room! This one is from the late is season 20.
WARNING! CRAZY HUGE Image size. 4096 x 2304 pixel image of the main Eternal ship The Shadow from the Enlightenment DVD