Classic Series

Another recreated set for Warriors of the Deep. I love the ripples on the water for some reason
The Reactor Room again, but looking the other way this time.
Yes, another console room! This one is from the late is season 20.
WARNING! CRAZY HUGE Image size. 4096 x 2304 pixel image of the main Eternal ship The Shadow from the Enlightenment DVD
Warning Large image!! The classic TARDIS wooden console room. I love the stain glass roundles I made.
Sacred Fire, Sacred Flame. Tastes like stewed apricots. Another image of the Sisterhood of Karns temple. Keepers of 'Eternal Boredom' according to someone...
The Temple of the Sisterhood of Karn. **Note: No Tom Bakers were harmed in the making of this image.
Background for The Brain of Morbius DVD. This is Solons main sitting room. I love the mood this shot has.
I really wish the TARDIS console room looked like this all the time. I also wish the Doctor would pay the power bills. I'm sure the Eye of Harmony costs a lot to run in the winter months!
I started this when there was talk of me doing the CGI option for Robot. Sadly there was no CGI option commissioned. Thankfully it still made it onto the DVD as the opening for the image gallery page
Take the ring!!.. No.. Don't take the ring!!.. No.. Take the Ring!!.. No!! Go for whats behind door #2.. No!! Take the box!! Oh so sorry. You just won an f'n pickle. :( Thanks for playing THE GAME OF RASSILON!!
Recreated Control Room from Warriors of the Deep DVD. I am very proud of the detail in this scene.
Created for an 'easter egg' on the Time Warrior DVD. Figuring out how to recreate the panels on the ship is A LOT harder than you'd think!!!
I was asked to recreate the hyperspace-ship from the Stones of Blood DVD in the Key to Time Boxset release. This appears in the background of one of the DVDs interview extras
The Console Room at the time of the 'Key to Time' series.
Here is my rendering of the original series console room. Thanks to Daniel Reed with some helpful tips
Another episode of Skaro or Bust
Just playing with some HDRI
I was playing around with 3D stereoscopic views. If you have glasses this is a very cool image. I plan to do more if people like it.. so let me know.
Cobalt did these amazing textures a while back. I could stare at this image for hours. We call him 'Rusty'
Andrew Panero has written an amazing story using my DALEK 2005 design. I made this image for him.
I've seen a lot of people use my new TARDIS model in posters and on-line images. So I figured I'd make a few new renders of it so you'd all have some variety in the angle its seen from.
I was asked to supply a render of the new TARDIS for Doctor Who Magazines 350 Anniversary issue!! Quite the honor (or honour depending on where you are)
The classic Dalek model for you to play with. If you adjust the colors to other models please let me know what they are :-) Lightwave format
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