Classic Series

Here is the good old 70's style logo for your enjoyment. Lightwave format as usual.
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I did this model for a friend, a charity and for some awesome pics of Bessie. Now to find the time to finish that model.
Ok, I should have put this image on the WIP page (but I didn't). This is my start on the new Season 27 TARDIS. The photos I used for reference are from a distance and when I get better/closer ones I'll update it the image. In the mean time I call it 'The anomaly box'.
Dreamwatch magazine (#117) asked to use one of my renders on the front cover..sweet!!
This was done as a gift poster for Rob Schrab. He did the awesome move Robot Bastard. Go and see it. NOW!!
Mechanoid from 'The Chase'. What were they thinking??? Let's make something even MORE clumsy than a DALEK!! Then try to market it!! Between this and the Zarbi..sheesh!!
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Ok, So I've made a real DALEK finally
Skaro or Bust #2. Jamesc came up with this one
Skaro or Bust! #1 - Winning entry came from Sparky on the Outpost Gallifrey forums.
The Doctors Second best Friend. LW 6+ format with endomorphs for ears, gun, tail and sensor. Give him a good home
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Earthshock style Cybergun. LW 6+ format. *note Point away from face
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My take on the Special Weapons DALEK. I hope that the legs make the Spider-DALEK people like it :-)
Render to test scale of objects.
I wanted to test the new light rig I created. I call it "The showroom" scene. One light and radiosity
I did this last night in 3 hours. Its the DALEK Saucer from the new DVD of DALEKS:Invasion Earth. I think Nick Sainton-Clark or Mike Tucker did the original model. (Hope they don't hate me)
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Here's the DALEK saucer from the 60s movie.
My 2003 DALEK's posing in the "Day of the Daleks" pose.
After a complete rehaul. Available for the first time is my TARDIS model. Enjoy
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You can't have a new TARDIS model without a new TARDIS key...or model of the key..
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The question mark umbrella of the 7th Doctor It's in Lightwave format and no it doesn't open :-)
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Sam sent me this image he made of a sales brochure for the 2003 TARDIS.
Guess who? Its the 7th Doctor!!! Based more on the look of the TVM.
The NEW DALEK HOVERBOUT!! Oh!! It sees us!!... when I say run...
This is the Time/space navigator that I've only ever seen originally in "The Web Planet", but I hear it was seen in another story.
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