The Story of being hacked, Indifference and an Idiot.

After many many months I can happily say “I’M BACK!!”

Back in September 2019 I received an email from my hosting company saying that my website had been hacked and was serving up malware! Well I knew this was a huge problem and yet I did nothing. I’d been busy with other things and have not done much 3D renders in the Doctor Who world. So I knew I had to fix it eventually but I just kept putting it off.. and off… and off. I just didn’t really care all that much. Then on May 12th 2020 I was sent an email saying my web hosting had been auto-renewed to 2022. Yayyyyy……. 😐

On May 15th 2020 I received notification that someone posted on one of my YouTube videos. I went to see and was horrified. Some idiot by the name Steve Gale accused me of stealing the TARDIS interior design that I’ve been known for since 2002!! He claimed his ‘dead friend’ actually made it and that he had ‘Proof’.

Well I damn well know that was all a lie (or he’s old and his brain is feeble and he’s easily confused) so I immediately asked why he said this? He was aggressively indignant from the start. I asked for any proof of his claim against me (knowing that there couldn’t be any) and he simply refused to share it (the sign of a weak hand if any)

While I kept asking him to show proof to back his claim I went on an expedition through my archives. I have a 64Tb Network storage device that I archive almost everything on and I was able to go back through my folders to find test renders, temporary save files and other bits dating back as far as 1998 as proof.

Of course Steve Gale couldn’t accept my proof while defending myself against his wild claims. So he had to ‘top’ me saying his proof went back to 1994!! Wow.. massive idiot! Most people didn’t even have internet in 1994 let alone access to 3D animation software. I only did because I was working as a new media specialist for a film & video company at the time. Lightwave 3D on an Amiga with a Video Toaster. Those were good times.

I uploaded all my images to ( challenged Steve Gale to show any proof within 24 hours and I would happily let the internet decide my fate (

I wasn’t going to submit to this internet troll of a person (Steve Gale).

Of course he just slinked away back to his safe corner and did nothing and the 24 hours passed. Because I knew he had no proof since I was the creator of this design.

I made a video showcasing my interactions with this pathetic individual. Sorry it’s 15 minutes long. But I can attest that it’s pretty funny to watch his claims against me grow as he makes the most stupefying leaps in what can only marginally be called logic.

There is a lot more to this story but I cover it in the video. Please watch it.

Anyways thanks to the insane rambling of Steve Gale I finally got the initiative to finally fix my website and secure it from future hacking.



Hi there! My name is Rob Semenoff. I live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. this website is mainly for me to post my 3D renders of images that relate to the BBC television program known as Doctor Who. I've been doing 3D work since 1987 when I first got my Amiga 2000. Since then I've done it professionally for a few local film companies. I've been hired on and off again to supply work for various Doctor Who related products like magazines, posters, album covers and of course the Classic Series DVDs released by 2|entertain in the UK.