Works in Progress

This is my Work in Progress page. Here I’ll post things I’m playing around with and will probably never finish, They might not be Doctor Who related but they will be something I find cool.

The Masters console room from Planet of Fire (and later The Ultimate Foe)
A quick test unfinished render of the opening of the Blackpool and Longleat documentary. It had the camera fly in through the TARDIS kiosk and down the stairs into the exhibition.
In 2019 I started working on a project about the Doctor Who Exhibits at Blackpool and Longleat. It was going to be a virtual walkthrough of the locations. For various reasons I stepped away from the project. Here's a frame of the console they had at Blackpool.
A render of the original studio setup in 1963. This was for a magazine article and was going to be a grey scale image. So I didn't focus on any color or lighting of the set.
I was bored and started working on how the console would actually go together. Basically each of the 6 sides slides onto rails until they lock into position. Kind of like the rails that server racks use. Also this image is for a 4k monitor. So it's rather large.
I saw a pattern the other day that made me want to play around with roundle design.
Another lab render. This one is showing the side to your left as you enter from the console room. The giant device is an 'industrial' um... replicator 'like' device. Then in the corner is the time-space navigator.
A test render of the main lab 'console/desk/work area'. The white corner sections allow for various tools & equipment to be locked into place. It also has power running through some of the plugs. Each of the six sides is dedicated to a particular area of interest. Sop far there's an electronics side, chemistry, biology, geology.... Kind of stuck after that. The central area is a holographic projection system.
Just playing around with remodelling the hartnell time column with correct measurement.
An idea for a wooden wall of roundles. Don't think I'll ever do anything beyond this with the idea.
Just playing around with some roundle concepts. This ended up going into the Lab area of my 2015 Console room redesign.
With the exterior doorway open and displays active