Classic Series

Shaun Lyons of Outpost Gallifrey asked me to make an image for the Gallifrey 2003 convention that runs from Feb 14-17. The only requirement was that it had a Mardi Gras theme. This is what I came up with..
My DALEK model based on the original sketch by DALEK designer RAY CUSICK
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My DALEK in the requested silver and blue variation I'm still working on it. Adding in detail on the backside. I'm amazed at the response this redesign has been getting. Out of hundreds of comments only one bad. If you want me to release it as a download please let me know.
Here is the back and bottom of my DALEK. The area on the back is based on some comic book DALEKS and is a series of "pop out" panels. This area allows for external devices to mount to the back (Gun racks, crane arms and power packs, etc). Also there is a hatch on the bottom for something..
3 TARDIS' (from left to right) one off the net, Cobalts' (a fellow Who3d member) and then mine. HDRI was used.
O.K I lied!!! I made a Dalek. But this is a redesigned version by me with a few interesting add ons.
This is a large frame from an animation I'm working on for the fun of it.
** Warning!!! - Large image ** This is my TARDIS
The Magnetic Clamp. First seen in Earthshock and last in the TVM
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The original console room as seen from the doorway. I gave this the old TV look.
Another angle looking towards the workshop that was only seen in 'The Web Planet"
Close up of the workshop table. With that strange light the Doctor used his ring with to open the door.
Another shot of the workshop with the Astro Navigator in place and with radiosity.
TARDIS Dematerialisation circuit. Seen in the hands of the Third Doctor a lot.
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The Doctor handy sonic screwdriver (much to JNT hatred)
I was asked to do this for a scandinavian magazine called kijk or something like that. They called me Bob,
This image was inspired by fellow Who3D member Daniel Reed. His stuff is amazing!!
This was just some playing around in Photoshop
The TARDIS console from the 60's.
Close up of the lock. I love that paint texture in the background
Some where damn hot!!
I got the Background model from the lightwave news group ( ! don't know who did it )
The TARDIS plain and simple
I re-made these plans so I could rebuilt my TARDIS from scratch