New Website!!

Many people have contacted me over the past two years (since my last update) to see if I’m still alive and/or still producing Doctor Who related images. The answers is YES!! I’ve not posted any images for ages because of 3 simples reasons. They are

  1. I’ve been rather depressed/angry with finding my images being used in commercial items without my permission. If you look at most of the TARDIS iPhone case covers out there they are infact using my image of the TARDIS. They just stole it without permission and violated the copyrights and copylefts of everyone.
  2. Even though I wrote the old gallery system from scratch myself it was a pain to update and add new images
  3. I was rather too lazy or too busy working on other things.

Hopefully now that I’ve switched over to a real CMS (content management system) this will enable me to update more often and I have some other ideas for the sites future.